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Auditions: Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This post contains auditions posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2012.

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**Paid Projects**


Actor and Actress needed
A Seattle Production Company who’s last film was distributed nationally and internationally, including all the RedBoxes, has completed another feature film. However an additional scene needs to be shot. It is a horror genre film. Need two actors, one female who looks 21 and one male around the same age. It will be shot in the Seattle area. Nudity is required however your lower private area will not be seen. It will take about half a day to shoot. If you can speak another language that is a plus but not required. Pay is very little as we are on a very small budget. $50 for the half day. If you are interested please respond with a photo of yourself (does not have to be nude) and bio.

Do not submit after Sunday, Oct 28.



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Source:  Performers Callboard


Nation of Yahweh SHOOT 
 Type:     Non-Union Documentary

Union Requirements:     Non-Union

Primary location of project     Seattle, WA
Project Begins     Oct 26, 2012
Project Ends     Oct 28, 2012

Project Description:
We are looking for some more options to submit to our client for a shoot Oct 26-28.


Khalil (principal role) – early 20’s, African American male. He is the subject that joins this cult and eventually leaves it.

Yahweh – (principal role) - mid 40’s, African American male. He is the leader of the cult.

Karen – (secondary role) – early 20’s, African American female – She is Khalil’s wife but becomes Yahweh’s lover.

LIKELY ONE DAY – let me know availability:

Baby – (extra) - newborn/infant, African American baby boy or girl, should look skinny – Khalil’s son/daughter

Girl Victim – (extra) – 10ish years old African American girl – becomes Yahweh’s victim. As with other shoots, this will be shot impressionistically, so a door closing, or a hand on a shoulder (clothed). All implied, nothing literal…

Experience not necessary though.

Audition/Interview Dates:
None, cast off of HS's. Non-speaking roles.

Describe any monetary compensation:
127.50-212.50/day depending on role.

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**Unpaid or No Pay Specified**


Looking for Actors
Hi Im Amrik and Im shooting a first episode of the miniseries called ASSASSINATORS about Russia and Italy waging war quietly through the American soil. The episode revolves of confidential files being stolen by an Italian guys who's been working in the government secretly and taking out retired Assassins and government officials to weaken America. Two people ask one retired assassin to come back and save America.

Im looking for 5 characters:

Mallory: Mid 30s to late 30s

Victor: Mid 40s to late 40s

Orlando: Mid 40s to late 40s

Alfredo: Mid 40s

Marcus: Early 30s to mid 30s

Dario: Mid 30s

The audition will be held on November 17th. Please email me about the if your interested.

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Source:  NWFF Callboard

Calliope Casting

Type:     Non-Union Student Film
Format:     High Definition
Primary location of project     seattle, WA
Project Begins     Oct 1, 2012
Project Ends     Nov 18, 2012

Audition/Interview Dates:
October 24-25 (2-5pm)

Audition Requirements:
cold readings

Character Breakdown / Project Needs
Casting at the Seattle Film Institute. October 24, 25 (2-5pm). dslr dramatic film short.

Male Lead: MEMPHIS age 20-35, the current Muse of Literature. Together, with his semi-sentient typewriter Calliope, he is responsible for all of modern literature. Tall, lanky and pale.

HEPHAESTUS, MALE age 40+. A crusty looking older man. The former Greek god of technology, he has since moved on to being the Printer of Literature. He constantly wears a sweat stained wife-beater, is chomping on a half crushed cigar, and never leaves his office.

PERSEPHONE: FEMALE 20-LATE 30s. Trapped in Hell (or at least Odin’s Dive Bar) reading beat poetry to Bacchus and Odin, she is next in line to become the Muse of Literature.

SESHAT: FEMALE (ANY AGE). The Egyptian goddess of writing, she currently serves as Hephaestus’ secretary. Must be comfortable with special effect prosthetics (cause she has a beak!)
BACCHUS: Male – 30+. The Greek god of wine and debauchery – think a caddy southern gentleman. He spends his time in Odin’s bar, listening to Persephone read her poems.

ODIN: Male – 40+. The king of the gods in Norse mythology, he has since retired from Valhalla and opened up a bar here on Earth. A big beard is a must!

Copy and meals provided. Unpaid. Shooting in early-mid November.

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- Include in the Subject line the intended role. (ex. Casting Memphis)
- Also include in the body, available times on the 24th and 25th of October between the hours of (2-5pm)

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